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New pilots at our field must be able to perform the following basic maneuvers in order to be cleared for solo flight at our field. This includes newcomers to our club as well as novice pilots. Any club officer, instructor pilot, or introductory pilot can validate a person’s proficiency.
1. Determine proper direction for take-off and landing.
2. Taxi aircraft to runway and stop.
3. Take-off from delineated runway and follow runway heading.

4. Execute a basic figure 8.
5. Demonstrate the ability to fly a standard pattern to both ends of the runway. This will require the pilot to execute a left base and a right base depending on the runway (the downwind leg is always on the opposite side of the field from the pit area).
6. Land within the delineated runway and bring the aircraft to a complete stop.

7. Taxi back to pilot station and kill the engine.
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